This page allows you to request a new link to download Lumenzia or other software.

If you got here by clicking a link in an email, then you have hit your "device activation" limit. This is based on browser cookies, so using a different computer, browser, or private browse window will be considered a new "device". You must either try downloading from a browser you have previously used (ie an activated device), or enter your email here to receive a new link so that you may use this browser (which will deactivate other existing "devices").

Only your registered email address (the one used for purchase) can be used here.  Once you submit your valid email address (see below), an email will be sent to you. You can click on the download link from that email, or you can come back to this page and enter the activation code that will also be in that same email.

Whenever a new email is sent, previous email links are deactivated - so be sure to use the latest (or you'll get an error page).

IF YOU GET ERROR MESSAGES, MAKE SURE YOU ARE NOT BLOCKING SCRIPTS/COOKIES, as DPD uses these to validate the the correct customer is downloading software.

Activation Code

Enter your email address to get an activation code.