This page allows you to request access to download Lumenzia or other software.

Please follow these steps:

  1. Enter the email address used for purchase in the box (at the bottom of this page) to request a code used to confirm your identity. It will be emailed from "", so be sure to whitelist and search for that address to avoid spam/promotion folders.
  2. Leave this browser tab open. Closing this tab may result in a "device error" later ("device" just refers to a known browser, so new tab may appear as a new computer and break the DPD user authentication).
  3. When the code arrives, paste it here (this page will update after requesting the code) and click to authenticate. Note: there are occasionally delays: please allow up to 90 minutes for the activation code to arrive. If you request a new code, older ones immediately become invalid.
  4. You will then see past purchases. Click the "view purchase" link to find the download button for your software.
  5. If you do not see your purchase and may have used a different email address for purchase, logout and then request a new link (per below).


If you have any problems, please use these troubleshoot tips:

  • To help find emails from DPD, add to your “safe sender” list and search for it in your spam/promotions folders. Updates always come from this DPD email address, never directly from Greg's email.
  • If you may have purchased different products with different emails: use the logout link above to switch the logged in email.
  • Whenever a new email is sent, previous email links are deactivated - so be sure to use only the most recent link
  • If you bought one of my courses, the code you received is only used the first time to register on Teachable. After registering with that code, it is invalid / never used again and you should just log in at
  • The "device limit" is based on browser cookies. Using a different browser, private browse windows, etc will be considered a "new device" and could cause you to reach the "device activation limit". Just email for support as needed if you run into this.
  • If you see any errors in a red box below, please note that in any support request.


We don’t recognize this computer. Please enter the purchase email and we'll send you a device activation code.

What is this?

DPD provides secure product delivery to buyers by authenticating their browser to prevent link sharing.

If you don't receive your activation code within a few moments please check your spam folder.